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2,500 Year Old Memory Technique Helps Answers How to Pass Your Certification Exams

Think about something... Ancient people passed down religious texts and massive poems and stories... With no printing press. Oral traditions. Sure somethings were lost. But it's remarkable how much was not. Why does it seem that ancient people had this crazy knack for memory and we can't even remember what we did last week? Well,

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United States Military Training Session

United States Military Training Seminar In person or virtual memory training seminar designed for the United States military. Teaching at Marine Corp University What if your military unit could learn anything faster? What if instead of going through a training session and the members only remembering 5-10% of what they were trained on

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1 on 1 Coaching with 2 Time USA Memory Champion, Ron White

What you will get: Access to the Black Belt Memory course ($300 value and 50+ lessons)Access to the Sprint Reading course ($200 value and 30+ lessons)Images for 1,600 common namesImages for every number 1,000Guide to easily memorize 1000 Spanish VerbsAccess to your choice of the Bible Memory or Spanish Memory online course You will get

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Story about You, Chapter #1 and #2

  The following is perhaps a science fiction story about YOU, or perhaps there is some truth to it. You will have to decide that as you read each chapter this week... Chapter 1 What I'm about to share few will believe but I can't worry about that. I'll just share what I've discovered and

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Stress and Memory- Ron White

Stress and Memory Life can become overwhelming an can cause us stress from time to time. You need to remind yourself to relax and have fun. For me having fun means working in some baseball, but for you, it could mean painting or going for a run. Whatever is fun and relaxing for you, work

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Amazing Memory Skills in History

Amazing Memory Skills in History The human memory can be an amazing thing! Here are times were amazing memory skills came in handy throughout history! 1. Doug Hegdahl, a POW in Vietnam showed us his amazing memory skills when he memorized the names of 256 of his fellow POWs. With the help of US Air Force officer

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