time travel glasses


The following is perhaps a science fiction story about YOU, or perhaps there is some truth to it. You will have to decide that as you read each chapter this week…

Chapter 1

What I’m about to share few will believe but I can’t worry about that. I’ll just share what I’ve discovered and take it or leave it as science fiction or perhaps grains of truth.

I just purchased 10 acres of land and it’s been a lot of work digging holes, cutting down tress and clearing the land.
Several weeks ago I stumbled on an old pair of glasses. They were buried 3 feet deep in a hole. There was no logical reason for them to be there.

When I first saw them I held them up to clear away the dirt and as I looked through the old lenses I saw what looked like a Comanche Indian in full battle dress!

Startled to see someone on my land I dropped the glasses and looked up and I was alone.

I realize this sounds crazy but it was crazy to see.

Confused about what I saw I put the glasses in my pocket and went home. That night reading a new book by a modern self help writer I put the glasses on to read better.

It happened again, as I looked at this authors name on the book I saw images of him 5,10,15 and 20 years ago. It was like I was watching an actual movie.

I wondered if I was drunk, but I haven’t had alcohol in 11 months.

I wondered if I was hallucinating or even asleep, but negative ghost rider. Wide awake.

Over the next few days I would put the glasses on and the pattern was clear. I was seeing images of the past.

As crazy as it sounds, these glasses are crossing in to another dimension.

They are time travel glasses.

Why would I tell you this?

Because I looked at your name in my database with the glasses on and they took me on a journey of your life.

I laughed, I cried, you inspired me and amazed me with who you are as a person.

I saw your acts of kindness no one else has ever seen.

But I also saw more, I will share more to this story and everything I saw about YOU in chapter 2 tomorrow.

I’ll see you in the future,


Chapter 2

Yesterday I told you about the glasses I found buried 3 feet deep in a hole. Somehow these glasses are allowing me to cross in to another dimension.

Time travel.

I’m only permitted to be an observer and I’m not actually there. At least as far as I can determine right now.

It seems to be more of a movie that I’m watching. The best way to explain it is a virtual reality headset but this is seeing real past and future events.

I’ve watched in amazement to the story of YOU.

Wow….what an amazing life you’ve lived and you’ve overcome so much! It seems that not many know your struggles though…

Let me get back to that. I need to get something off my chest…

Did you hear about the mystery in 1947 where the story is aliens landed in Roswell, New Mexico? Have you heard about Area 51?

I don’t want to say too much but the glasses have allowed me to see what happened. I can’t tell you but you can look through the glasses yourself and see what you see…Take a look…


Back to you…

The best I can determine you had a relative who lived in the mid 1800s. He became extraordinarily wealthy after learning some secrets in Tokyo. I’ve watched him travel to Japan, China, France and a small island east of Africa known as Mauritius.

He spoke fluent Japanese, Mandarin (Chinese), French and English. He wrote down how he learned languages so rapidly as well as so many other things. He created this ‘hidden secrets journal’ during his year in Japan and I can read the journal with the glasses on but as of now I can’t determine if it has been destroyed or still exists.

Let me jump ahead to you…

I watched when you were a kid and they were making fun of you. I saw your hurt.

I saw you, must have been 12 years old, laughing with other friends.

I watched you as an adult years against a wall. Was it a party or business meeting? I couldn’t tell. But you were nervous to talk to anyone and just kept to yourself.

Another time you were reading a book and your face was crinkled in frustration. It seemed there was some trouble focusing on what you were reading and learning.

I saw that time you made everyone laugh.

I saw you give a hug that you didn’t want to let go.

I saw you exhausted from an extremely long walk but I can’t tell to where or from where.

I’ve watched you consider giving up on what you are trying to accomplish.

I saw your first paycheck and your kindness to others that no one else saw.

Your life is a fascinating movie and there is so much to tell.

I also want to tell you about your ancestor and the future I saw for you.

It’s very exciting.

Your life has been amazing and it is only going to get better.

But right now, I’m going back to reading this 170 year old journal because I want to make sure I get everything right before I tell you.

Can’t wait to show you what I’ve seen and what is going to happen in your life.

Oh, we are not alone….

I’ll see you in the future,