Stress and Memory

Life can become overwhelming an can cause us stress from time to time. You need to remind yourself to relax and have fun. For me having fun means working in some baseball, but for you, it could mean painting or going for a run. Whatever is fun and relaxing for you, work that into your schedule.


I remember the time I was deployed to Afghanistan, which was a very stressful time for me. There was also a bit of annoyance at this time on base. They made a new rule that you could no longer in the cafeteria, or what we called the galley, take to go boxes out. They did this because people were not putting them in trash cans and it was attracting rats and it was becoming a problem for the base. So they created a form that you had to fill out and get signed before you were able to get a to-go box. The first couple of times I did it, but one day I was so hungry and getting so frustrated because I couldn’t find a captain to sign it that I just forged a signature and wrote Captain America, and I thought this was so funny and it was a nice release from all the stressors I had been feeling and I laughed all the way up to the line. Then the next day I still couldn’t find a captain and did it again, after awhile I just stopped looking for a captain because of how funny all the names were that I was putting down and it gave me a chance to have fun during this really stressful time.

Stress is the worst enemy of your brain and memory. So when you are in stressful situations or a stressful phase of life try to work fun into your day to day to provide some relief.

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