United States Military Training Seminar

In person or virtual memory training seminar designed for the United States military.

Training session for United States Military

Teaching at Marine Corp University

What if your military unit could learn anything faster? What if instead of going through a training session and the members only remembering 5-10% of what they were trained on 6 months later they could recall 50% or more?

The best way to maximize your training dollars and time on all future trainings is to insure they remember what they are learning.

In this military training seminar taught by a 2 time USA Memory Champion and veteran of the United States Navy your group will learn:

  • How to remember what they learn from training classes,
  • How to study for and pass advancement exams with more confidence and less stress,
  • How to give briefings having the information at their mental fingertips,
  • How to remember details specific to their job functions to perform at the most efficient levels,
  • How remember names, numbers, facts, details and anything else.

Download the entire course curriculum for this military training seminar here

Memory Course for Military 7 Hour Curriculum

Details on this session whether virtually or in person:

This course can be offered virtually or in person. 

Ron White memorized the fallen US Military from war in Afghanistan and writes their names on a wall to honor them. 7,000 words memorized takes 11 hours to write on wall.

Your group will learn these skills to apply to their career to maximize their productivity and efficiency.

This military training seminar is not only educational it is entertaining. Everyone will be amazed at the innate ability of their own memory and brain that they never realized before this. It will be a confidence booster and increase their belief in their ability to learn.

Improving memory is not only about improving memory but reducing learning time, increasing confidence and productivity.

Ron White is a 2 time USA Memory Champion and veteran of the United States Navy serving 2002-2010 with a deployment to Afghanistan in 2007. He was an intelligence specialist (IS1) and reported directly to the highest ranking intelligence officer in Afghanistan in 2007 delivering daily intelligence briefings on the significant events of the day throughout the country.