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2,500 Year Old Memory Technique Helps Answers How to Pass Your Certification Exams

Think about something... Ancient people passed down religious texts and massive poems and stories... With no printing press. Oral traditions. Sure somethings were lost. But it's remarkable how much was not. Why does it seem that ancient people had this crazy knack for memory and we can't even remember what we did last week? Well,

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World Memory Championships 2015

World Memory Championships 2015 : What is it like to compete in a World Memory Championships? I competed in the 2009 World Memory Championships in London and to be honest I didn't want to go. But it was an INCREDIBLE experience and one I hope to do again. Back story: I won the 2009 USA Memory

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2010 USA Memory Championship

This was one of my proudest moments in competing in memory tournaments. Sure, I had won the year prior at the 2009 USA Memory Championship but I had so much less adversity. Believe it or not, there is pressure once you win a tournament and everyone starts gunning for you. It was an akward feeling.

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Memory Champion

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