Why a Good Memory is Important | Memory Training

Why is memory training for a good memory important? This article is all about the importance of a good memory in life. Is having a good memory important? Yes! I would say having a good memory is VERY important. A good memory can decrease your stress levels, improve your career and make test taking easier. If you woke up tomorrow and fifty percent of your memory was gone would your quality of life decrease? Would life become harder without fifty percent of your memory?

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If your memory declined I think we would all agree that your quality of life would decrease. Well, if your memory improves the opposite is true. Your quality of life will increase. Having a good memory is a such an important skill in life. Think about it. If you can remember the names and faces you will build more relationships and this build friendship. Think about how as a business person in your work life how remembering faces and names are good for you. If you can remember your clients and customers names and can call them by there name when you see them, you create a more personal relationship with them, making them want to use your business more. If you can remember what you read or learn from a class then you will learn faster and advance in your career or school easier and faster.  If you give speeches from memory then you will become a more confident speaker and presenter. This is another reason for having a good memory is important.


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These are just a few of the ideas on why having a good memory is important. The importance of memory cannot be overlooked in having a good and happy life. If your memory improves the quality of your life will improve. If your memory declines the quality of your life will decline. Having a good memory is important in life from building a business, advancing in your career and passing your exams at school.

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