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Brain Facts Your Brain Doesn’t Know Part 2 1, Yawning helps cool down the brain when the outside body is cooler than your internal body […]

It took me years to compile. I found the most common names from every world region (North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, etc) and I turned […]

Download your pictures for 100 common names here Pictures for 100 common names I hope you enjoy and benefit from my pictures. Remember you can […]

This is how I taught a 6 year old to memorize presidents of USA. Anyone using this method could memorize presidents (all of them in […]

The last time this was offered was 4 YEARS ago and this is only the second time ever. If this would help you, grab your […]

One of my goals for 2015 is to learn more languages. I would like to become fluent in Spanish and then learn a little more […]

  • Posted on: December 13, 2014
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I don’t talk much about the Afghanistan Memory Wall on this page because I try to keep it separate from my business page. With that […]

  • Posted on: November 30, 2014
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So my company is called Brain Athlete, Inc and one thing we are really focused on right now is getting our memory course around the […]

  • Posted on: November 22, 2014
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In 2005 I didn’t have a passport and I decided that I wanted to be an international speaker. (Be careful what you wish for) I […]

  • Posted on: October 31, 2014
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I have been on a lot of tv shows but without question my favorite was Stan Lee’s Superhumans. One of the main reasons is of […]