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Imagine this for your conference speaker:

Are you looking for a great motivational conference speaker? My name is Ron White and I am a conference speaker and I do my best to amaze, entertain and educate all in the same talk. I want you to imagine something. Imagine everyone in your conference attends a session in which a conference speaker teaches them business skills that they can start using the minute the session ends. That is exactly what happens in this session.

When can they start applying what they learn in my session?

Before my speech begins I will mingle with your audience as the walk in the room or at the breaks and then when in front of the group I will have the audience stand and I will rattle off the names that I just met. It is a powerful speech on the importance of a trained memory and how this relates to building business. However, what is really impactful about this talk is that when the session ends and they go to the next session or the exhibit hall they can apply the skills that they learned right away.

How many people will attend your conference and then meet new people and not remember their names? In this session I will show the group that I can memorize up to 300 names at one conference and how they can also get better at this skill. Will they leave with the ability to memorize 300 names just because they saw me as their conference speaker do it? Of course not, but they can start and maybe get 20-30 names at the conference and that would be powerful!

Why is memory important in business?

Memory equals relationships.

Relationships equals money.

Videos of this memory demonstration:

At a recent speech in Houston where I was their conference speaker, I met about 100 people before my talk and then when on stage I had these people stand and I rattled off their names from memory. Here is a video of that memory demonstration February 22, 2022.

Just a few days later in Napa Valley I performed the exact same demonstration for a group of about 50 people. Here is a video of that demonstration.


The exciting thing is that when you hire me as a conference speaker it doesn’t matter if you have 50 people or 5,000 people in the audience. I will memorize up to 300 names and then repeating them from memory in this fun fashion that you see in the above videos.

Why this is different from other conference speakers you could have?

During your event will there be networking and meeting people? If yes, how many speakers that you are considering will deliver a skill that every single attendee can use within minutes to accomplish their goals at the conference? After my session your attendees can go to the next session and starting remembering names and data points that they learned at YOUR conference!

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