Memory Improvement is for Everyone

memory improvement

Ron White memory expert

The first time I gave a speech on memory improvement I was SCARED! I was 19 years old (for those doing math that is 29 years ago!). There were 5 people in the room and I was so scared I couldn’t memorize all 5 names so I only asked 3 for their names! And I was the ‘memory expert‘ there to teach a memory improvement class.

What’s the point?

The point is, I started my memory improvement journey exactly where most people do. Feeling like I have a bad memory, feeling like I am not as smart as others and not trusting my memory.

So what did I do?

1. I stopped my negative self talk. I no longer said, ‘My memory is bad.’ I told myself, ‘I can improve my memory with focus and systems.’

2. I focused on my focus! When you don’t recall names (or anything) it’s often not a problem of memory but you weren’t listening!

3. I learned the code of my memory and that is images. If I wanted to remember the name Steve I thought of a stove and if I wanted to remember the number 7 I thought of dice (lucky 7).

4. I reviewed. Only a computer memory doesn’t have to go back and review in order to retrain information. You should review at least within 24 hours after learning something.

5. I learned and mastered the Mind Palace! If you don’t know this check out my Black Belt Memory course here. It is what I considered to be the most comprehensive memory improvement course on the market today.

Bottom line, I started where everyone else does. I was scared to death standing in front of that group in 1992 talking about memory worried they would find out I was just like them.

That was foolish. That is the power of memory. That I am just like you and you are just like me. That’s powerful. We can do this.

Memory improvement is for everyone.