Keynote Speaker For College Students

Ron White – University Student Keynote Speaker

Are you looking for a keynote speaker for college students? Ron White could be your choice.

If you want a speaker that can hold the attention of a group of students and motivate them to tap in to their true potential Ron is your choice! He will give them very tangible skills that they can use in the classroom that day to remember more, improve grades and boost their test taking confidence.

Who is Ron White?

college keynote speakerRon was introduced to memory training in 1991 as a student at the University of North Texas. The skills he learned not only revolutionized the way that he studied he also knew that every student could benefit from these techniques. For the last 3 decades Ron has traveled the world speaking at universities in Thailand, Europe, South America and even the United States! :)

When Ron speaks for your college he will grab every students attention by memorizing up to 200 names in the audience before he speaks. Next, when he is on stage he will rattle off all their names in a matter of minutes!!! It’s a fun and powerful demonstration of the human potential.

However, what makes Ron a good keynote speaker for college students is not only that he will amaze and impress with demonstrations but that he will show them exactly how they can duplicate his skills.

What Students Will Learn:

  • Remember dates and math formulas
  • Memorize words easily in any foreign language
  • Remember pages of notes in 1/4 the time
  • Remember all the key points for any exam
  • Give classroom presentations without reading notes
  • Memorize definitions, facts and other details.

The title of Ron’s talk is “Memory Power = Student Power”. One of the things that makes Ron such a great keynote speaker for college students is that when he learned memory training it was as a student. Because of this he knows exactly how to apply these techniques to memorize school work. He has used this system to pass exams and will show your group the same.

Memory Demonstrations Ron Has Performed

Moreover, he recently memorized the entire United States Constitution and wrote it out from memory all 4,563 words on live television.

keynote speaker for students

Benefits to Students

When a student can memorize anything, even something as daunting as the entire United States Constitution, they begin to have a new confidence in their brain and memory that never existed before.

Imagine a law student who knew the constitution word for word. Or the medical student who effortlessly could recite every bones and organ in the human body. Make no mistake, Ron promotes understanding topics and not simply reciting facts. However, he believes that memory is a building block to understanding and accelerates the learning process.

This is not a dull lecture but an eye opening training on how to trust your memory. When a student trusts their memory they are relaxed. A relaxed student can live up to their full potential. When a student is stressed they can not live up to their potential. This speech isn’t just about memory it’s about reducing stress and anxiety around learning. Your students need to be exposed to Ron White!

If you are looking for a fun, educational and motivational keynote speaker for college students you need to contact Ron now. Contact him here

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