Virtual Memory Training Session 

with 2 Time USA Memory Champion, Ron White

Title : Triple Your Memory and Productivity – Smiling Your Way to a Genius Memory

  • This virtual memory training session is OVER THE TOP FUN!!!
  • If you are looking or a virtual motivational speaker this session is the answer for your group.
  • The group will create a 20-30 digit number that I read in that chat box and then I will cover my eyes and repeat it and will blow everyone away! It’s fun!
  • Lots of humor and entertainment around examples of forgetting names that we can ALL identify with.
  • 5 Steps to an unstoppable memory process
  • How to remember names to build relationships
  • How to give speeches from memory to be a more dynamic presenter
  • Remember what you read or learn from classes to save time when you don’t have to relearn
  • Get a larger return on your money from all other trainings because you will remember them!
  • Brain foods anyone can use to boost fog, beat brain fog and sharpen their brain and memory
  • Learn anything faster with less stress and more smiles
  • If you are hiring other speakers for your virtual event Ron’s training will insure they will remember more from all those other sessions! This isn’t just an investment in this session but every other session at your event!!!

Standard virtual memory training fee $5,000 per session. (Ask if your group may qualify for a special rate)




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Check out the testimonials above. This is a FUN virtual memory training session and can be tailored for your needs.