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Stress and Memory Life can become overwhelming an can cause us stress from time to time. You need to remind yourself to relax and have […]

Why a Good Memory is Important | Memory Training Why is memory training for a good memory important? This article is all about the importance […]

Amazing Memory Skills in History The human memory can be an amazing thing! Here are times were amazing memory skills came in handy throughout history! […]

Why Exercise Is Good For Your Brain Health Exercise is good for your brain health. You may know that exercise is good for your heart […]

Brain Facts Your Brain Doesn’t Know Part 2 1, Yawning helps cool down the brain when the outside body is cooler than your internal body […]

10 Brain Myths 1. Myth: We only use 10% of our brains. Fact: We use 100% of our brain, just not all at once. 2. Myth: Alcohol […]

10 Brain Facts Your Brain only weighs about 3 pounds, yet it uses 20-25% of your energy supply. There are approximately 10 to the 60 […]