Brain Facts Your Brain Doesn’t Know Part 2

1, Yawning helps cool down the brain when the outside body is cooler than your internal body temperature.

brain fact

2. The second fact is that your brain can tell the difference between a fake and real smile. There are muscles in your face that you can’t consciously control.

3. The brain cant actually multitask. Your brain goes rapidly back and forth between tasks giving the illusion of multitasking.

4. Why doesn’t the world go black when you blink for a second? Its because your brain ignores your blink so that it can maintain the image of what you are looking at.

5. Another brain fact is that you are four times more likely to marry someone with the same last name as you. The reason you are more likely to do this is that our brains love familiarity, isn’t that an interesting brain fact?

brain fact

6. Brain fact 6 is that you are more likely to increase gratuity for a waiter or waitress that touches your arm because your brain equates that with friendship.

7. Your brain associates words that are that more elaborate or descriptions that are more elaborate with better quality. Therefore you are happier to pay more for chips or other products that have fancier and better descriptions than those that are lacking. for example, your brain will view salt and vinegar chips as lesser quality than Celtic grey sea salt and organic apple cider vinegar chips.

8. HAve you ever wondered why you are not able to tickle yourself? The reason and brain fact on why you are unable to tickle yourself is because your cerebellum knows that it is you doing the tickling and alerts the rest of your brain to ignore the sensation.

9. After the age of 25 your brain slowly starts to shrink, some research suggests that the male brain shrinks faster than the female brain.

10. Your brain is so soft that it could be spread on toast.

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