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Speed Reading

Speed Reading Course TO DOWNLOAD COURSE RIGHT CLICK ON LINKS AND SELECT 'SAVE AS'. You can download as you go. No need to do all at once (unless you prefer. Workbook is below too!!!) Ron White’s Speed Reading – download workbook CD1 DownloadIntroduction to Speed Reading DownloadHow to Measure Your Reading Speed Download10-Minute Reading Drill

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Mind Game| Memory Exercise

Memory Exercise Here is a memory game or more like a memory exercise that I am going to show you guys. My name is Ron White. I am a two-time USA Memory Champ. I'm going to give you guys a list of sounds to test your memory skills and I want you all to try

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Increase memory with 10 brain foods

TOP 10 BRAIN FOODS TO INCREASE MEMORY My top 10 brain foods that help to increase memory.  While I was training for the USA Memory Championship in 2009 I was eating these brain foods and even lost 20 pounds. 1:  Whole Grains The brain is like any other part of the body.  It needs a steady supply of energy to

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Memorize the Periodic Table

How to Memorize Periodic Table Need to know how to memorize the Periodic Table.  There are 180 elements in the Periodic Table and I can teach you an easy way to memorize all of them. Step One:  Create pictures for the elements.  Your mind remembers a picture rather than a word. Most of us always say "I

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How to improve long term memory

  What is long term memory? Can you remember where you on September 11,2001?  What about December 1, 2002? Most likely you can't recall unless it's a birthday or anniversary.  Have you ever been in a car accident?  If so could you tell me the time of day, who was driving, how it occurred, where

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Neurobic Brain Exercises

Brain Exercises To Improve Your Memory In the book 'Keep your brain alive' by Lawrence C. Katz Manning Rubin they talk about a term called Neurobics, the unique new science of brain exercises. Neurobics uses all of your senses in new ways, by doing this you will wake up your brain and stimulate brain growth. Brain Exercise #1: Throw

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