10 Weird Quirks of Famous Geniuses

Weird Quirks

Have you ever heard of the bizarre things geniuses do? What makes them do these things? Perhaps it’s something us regular people can’t comprehend, but here is a list of 10 weird quirks of geniuses.

1. Alfred Hitchcock–  While filming “The Birds” he nearly tortured the lead actress Tippi Hedren, by having real birds attack her until she collapsed on set.

weird quirks

2. Edgar Allen Poe– He was hardly a popular author in his time, but he made things worse for himself by annoying his editors by writing on scrolls rather than paper.

3. Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu– He was the inventor of floppy disk and over 3,300 other inventions. He would intentionally stay under water until just before the moment of drowning, believing that it stimulated his brain. He also liked to think in a bathroom tiled in 24 karat gold, because he believes that it blocks out television and radio waves.

4. Honore De Balzac– He was a french novelist and playwright who relied heavily on coffee. Many smart people rely on coffee to get jump started each day, but he took it a step further, by having up to 50 cups of coffee a day.

5. Albert Einstein– He was a theoretical physicist who would sometimes eat insects straight off the ground, and he would also bring his violin with him to go bird- watching often times crying while he played.

weird quirks

6.Nikola Tesla– He was an electrical and mechanical engineer and physicist who would often work from 3 AM to 11 PM, leading to a breakdown at 25, which he recovered from and then continued the same schedule for another couple of decades.

7. Thomas Edison– He was the inventor of phonograph, motion picture camera, and more famously the electric light bulb. He would offer a job interviewee a bowl of soup as a test. If they added salt before they tried the soup, he believed they made too many assumptions and therefore would not hire them.

8. Charles Dickens– He was an author who was obsessed with keeping his hair neat and so he always had a comb on hand to neaten his hair hundreds of times a day.

11/19/2009, The only known  Manuscript of Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” photographed at the Morgan Library New York City.  The Morgan Library has the only known manuscript of Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol,'' that he wrote in six weeks in 1843, as he was trying to stave off financial ruin. John Pierpoint Morgan purchased it for an unknown sum just over a century ago, becoming its sixth owner. The hand-written manuscript has some 2,000 revisions that Dickens made as he went along. We are desperately trying to obtain a digital version of the 66 pages in the manuscript that we can post online as an "On the Record,'' which would allow us to ask readers to help decode the changes and unravel some of the mysteries of the creative process. The Morgan Library has moved heaven and earth to allow one of our photographer's access to the book this afternoon to shoot high-resolution images of the manuscript. (They do not have digital images as of now, just a hodgepodge of prints and film images that might be inferior quality and would still need to be scanned.)If we do this, we have to do this on Thursday because the book goes on exhibit on Friday morning, a yearly ritual timed for the holidays. Earl Wilson/The New York Times

9. Leonardo DaVinci– He was an Italian Polymath who painted the famous Mona Lisa piece. He wrote backwards often and was a left-handed dyslexic and would cram every available space on the paper with drawings and writings.

10. Igor Stravinsky– He was a composer, pianist and conductor who began each day by standing on his head to to “clear the brain” believing this improved circulation and detoxification.

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