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2,500 Year Old Memory Technique Helps Answers How to Pass Your Certification Exams

Think about something... Ancient people passed down religious texts and massive poems and stories... With no printing press. Oral traditions. Sure somethings were lost. But it's remarkable how much was not. Why does it seem that ancient people had this crazy knack for memory and we can't even remember what we did last week? Well,

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Teaching Memory Seminars in Thailand, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka

In 2005 I didn't have a passport and I decided that I wanted to be an international speaker. (Be careful what you wish for) I was very successful at this goal and now I have traveled to over 50 countries and taught my memory seminar (for pay) in at least 33 of those countries. It

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Memory Gym is FINALLY HERE!!!

I am soooo excited!!! I have been a fan of for YEARS!!! This is one of the best sites on the internet to exercise your brain in a true memory gym format! I purchased this website a few months ago and in the transfer to our wordpress based websites it caused some glitches in

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Kirsty Dunphey Interviews Me in TASMANIA!!

Okay, so you thought the Tasmanian devil was just a cartoon? Well, okay it is...but a Tasmanian Devil is also a REAL animal!! I had no clue...that is until I taught a memory seminar in Tasmania (island just off the southern coast of mainland Australia). When I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2007, I had

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Memory Speaker for your Next Conference

Are you looking for a memory speaker? Why not book 2 Time USA Memory Champion and memory expert Ron White as your memory speaker?! He shares with you what you could expect in his talk: Okay, you are looking for a memory speaker. This is what you can expect - Before the meeting begins (or

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The Hardest Part of the Memory Guy’s Job

What it is hardest part of the memory guys job? Memorizing stuff? Nah....that is fun and over 20 years I have just gotten faster and better. Being a two time USA Memory Champion? Well....yeah...that was pretty tough :) Speaking in front of a group? Nope...enjoy that as well. I am more comfortable in front of

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Bangkok Memory Training Seminar

Two time USA Memory Champion and memory training expert Ron White shares his travels through Asia teaching memory training seminars: I just completed a memory training seminar in Bangkok that my friend Amin Rais hosted. Amin and I have been working together since 2008. He has brought me to Bangkok for 4 memory seminars in

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