Are you looking for a memory speaker?

Why not book 2 Time USA Memory Champion and memory expert Ron White as your memory speaker?! He shares with you what you could expect in his talk:

Okay, you are looking for a memory speaker. This is what you can expect – Before the meeting begins (or before he speaking time at a break) I will mingle with the group and memorize up to 250 names in the audience! Yes, you read that right! 250 NAMES.

Then when I get on the stage I will have the people I met stand up. I will then walk around and one by one call off each of their names as they sit down. It will look like dominos falling! I may not get 100% correct but I promise you this…I will do really really really good ☺ I typically get between 95-100% of the audience names correct.

At this point, everyone should be on the edge of their seat thinking,’ Wow, I have never seen anything like that!’ I will then talk about the value of remembering names in business and how Zig Ziglar says, ‘People don’t care how much you know until they first know how much you care.’ I will give some memory tips that everyone can start using right away to improve their retention on names today, tomorrow or in six months.

Next, I will then have the group call out numbers. I will call on 25 people at random and have each person give me a 2 digit number. The group will create a 50 digit number that I will never see and only hear. Then I will repeat the 50 digit number forwards and backwards. I will guess that 100% of your group has never seen anything like that before in person!!

Hopefully, these two memory demonstrations will have entertained, inspired and motivated your group. After I most certainly have their attention the remainder of the class time will be spent teaching the group how they can use the same system that I use (yes I will teach them the EXACT system I use) to:

– Memorize chapters of books
– Give speeches without notes
– Recall product knowledge
– Memorize names and faces
– Improve test taking and grades
– Learn anything new in 1/3 the time
– Become a product knowledge expert over night!

I have been a memory speaker since 1991, frankly I can’t believe it myself that it has been this long. Yet, I stuck with this career because I found a knack for it, plus I am good at it. I promise to give your group a memory training talk that they will NEVER forget!

If you are really considering booking a memory speaker, then I most certainly hope you give me and my memory talk some thought. Visit my link where I appeared on the History Channel’s Show Stan Lee’s Superhumans and get a taste for the amazing memory demonstrations that you are going to see!