In 2005 I didn’t have a passport and I decided that I wanted to be an international speaker. (Be careful what you wish for) I was very successful at this goal and now I have traveled to over 50 countries and taught my memory seminar (for pay) in at least 33 of those countries. It is a satisfying feeling on many levels. First of all, it’s satisfying to hit a goal but more importantly it is satisfying because I am teaching something worthwhile that is helping people out globally.

This trip I will teach my memory training seminar in Bangkok, Sri Lanka, India (New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad) and Khathmandu in Nepal. It is a grueling schedule but I am enjoying it. I have seen elephants and monkeys in Sri Lanka

Monkeys in Sri Lanka #srilanka #monkey

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It has also been a test of could I memorize these foreign names. Here is a video of me doing just that in New Delhi

To remember a name or anything for that matter I create a picture for the name and see that picture on their face. Steve I will see a stove on his face. Bill I see dollar bills but people think foreign names are tougher. They are in the sense that it is harder to have predetermined pictures for names but once you have them then it becomes just as easy as names in your native country.

My pictures for some of the names in this video:


Ratan = rat on
Abshek = a bee shaking
Vivek = letter ‘K’ that’s VIVID
Shek = shake
Prianka = Prius car honking
Amir = a mirror
Omar = an ‘o’ in the sea (mar)
Gorav = goring something and it turns off
Vishesh = fish with an SH
Agit = a jet
Siduk (sit duck)
Deepali = Muhammad Ali in deep water
Harivansh = harry van
Yashohari = Lasso harry
Amit = baseball mit
Nondani = non (cirle with line through it) tanning
Raehan = ray of light on a hand
Sanjay = blue jay in sand

On this trip I also just spoke in Khathmandu in Nepal and memorized names here. It was a great group with 10 or so students and 40 business professionals.

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So now I am back off to India where I will start another week of teaching seminars. Remember, memory training is the exact same in any language and any age. Today we had 10 year olds in the same class with 70 year olds. The limits are not cultural, age, geographic or languages. The limits are the ones you set for yourself when you decide to learn or not to learn. Decide to learn!