Okay, so you thought the Tasmanian devil was just a cartoon? Well, okay it is…but a Tasmanian Devil is also a REAL animal!! I had no clue…that is until I taught a memory seminar in Tasmania (island just off the southern coast of mainland Australia). When I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2007, I had the good fortune to become introduce to Kirsty Dunphey via email. She had purchased my Memory in a Month CD album. We corresponded while I was deployed and when I returned to the USA she sent me an email asking if I could speak for her group in Tasmania.


Now the odds of me saying yes to this request would normally be low because that is 20 hours of flying one way to give a memory training talk. Yet, the stars lined up and coincidentally I was scheduled to give a memory training talk in Melbourne just 2 days after her event. So because of my good fortune I was able to meet with Kirsty and be a memory speaker for her group. Not only that here is the interview we conducted literally 30 minutes before my talk.

During my talk I also met the founder of Contiki Tours, John Anderson who was an incredible delight to speak with and get to know. Oddly enough in 2010 I was in an elevator in Sydney and guess who was on it with me? John Anderson!! What a GREAT guy. You need to get his book ‘Only 2 Seats Left’.

Here is the interview I did with Kirsty. Now in the interview I state I can memorize a 2000 digit number in one hour. In full disclosure I have never done this and may never be able to. I am not currently at that level. When I gave this interview I was training to do this at the World Memory Championship but I was never able to pull it off. Instead, I memorized an 800 digit number in an hour. Still impressive but short of my goal. With that disclosure out there here is the interview…

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