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When you achieve the highest belt in the martial arts your sensei or coach will grant you the black belt. It is the same in […]

Why a Good Memory is Important | Memory Training Why is memory training for a good memory important? This article is all about the importance […]

Tips on How to Stay Focused Hi everyone. I am Ron White, 2 time USA memory champion, without the ability to focus, I would’ve never […]

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Do You Really Have To Use Memory Systems? Hey guys! I want to talk about something that I think everyone is kind of really feeling […]

Master Spaced Repetition What is spaced repetition and how you can use it to improve your memory?  I have used spaced repetition to memorize more […]

Simonides and The History of memory training Hi, my name is Ron White.  I’ve been doing memory training seminars for 25 years.  Although I would like claim […]

Memorizing Medical Terms   Medical terms are some of the hardest terms to memorize. Trying to memorize unfamiliar terms can be a challenge. It can […]

Best Memory Training Books I am the Two Time USA Memory Champ, Ron White and I have been teaching memory training for over 25 years. […]

Memory Exercise Here is a memory game or more like a memory exercise that I am going to show you guys. My name is Ron […]