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I am going on my 25th year in the business world (since I was 18) and 24 of owning my own business. You must think […]

Top¬†Problems Costing Business Executives Profits, Productivity, Sales and Growth. They¬†can be fixed (easier than you think.)                   […]

Name Memory Test. How to Remember Names and Faces This page is created for people listening to my audio of a name memory program. If […]

Penn and Teller Nail Gun Memory Magic Trick. Memory or Magic? I Say Magic Here is a video of what I call the Penn and […]

Do Cell Phones Hurt Memory? That is what one Study Says. Do cell phones hurt memory? One study seems to think and anytime I disagree […]

How I Have Used the Mind Palace Memory Method to do Freaky Things With My Memory It it hard to believe that I have been […]

Afghanistan Memory Wall, What Memory Expert Ron White says is the Hardest Part So if you know me you probably know that I am a […]

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Mine is smaller than the average man’s. I hadn’t ever known FOR SURE if it was or not. But I had my suspicions. It never […]