So yesterday I told you Part One of a crazy story.

It is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen at a speech.

If you missed Part One, here it is

If you’ve missed Part Two, here it is

Now for the rest of the story…..

So I coached Brint Ryan. A man
I had seen pay someone $100,000 on
a bet.

Everyone thought it was incredible except
one man….Brint Ryan.

It seemed like a normal day to him. Both to
pay up on a $100,000 bet and to pay $70,000
for coaching.

His entire point to me was that making money
was all about leverage. He has leveraged himself
by duplicating himself through all 900 of his

Then he leverages other people’s knowledge.
He took my 20+ years of memory experience
at the time and leveraged it. Instead of
spending 20 years researching memory
training he paid me for doing it and coaching

The man is a GENIUS at leverage.

Think about that. I worked hard, busted my
rear for 20+ years researching and developing
memory systems and then in 1 moment he swoops
in and gets all my best knowledge from 20+ years.


That’s a big lesson for me and I hope you

I want to give you the same chance Brint had.
A chance to leverage my now 24 years of
memory training research.

For the only time before or since Brint Ryan
I am having a small group coaching program.


It will be 4 weeks. Starting Nov 30 and continuing
for 4 consecutive weeks Dec 7, 14, 21 at 7pm CST.

This is your chance to leverage my knowledge in
memory (just like Brint did). You will be live on the
calls with me.

They will be recorded in case you miss one.

Have your kids or family on calls too.


Ask questions as I guide you to:

Remember school work easily (reduces stress)
Build relationships by remembering names
Learn ANYTHING faster
Become a more confident and polished speaking speaking from memory
Remember what you read
Memorize chapters of books
Memorize bible verses, poems, quotes
Trust your memory more
Develop a quick, sharp and healthy brain
I could go on and on. The point is YOU will dictate what I teach
with your questions.

I will give you access to a private Facebook group to ask me questions
for LIFE.

If you’ve heard enough go here now

If you have learned anything from this 3 day story I hope you
have learned the value of leveraging other people.

Leverage me for your benefit.

What are you struggling to learn?

How is your memory/brain letting you down?
Do you wish your brain worked quicker?

Do you feel not as smart as you know you are?
Leverage me. 4 weeks of group coaching.

It is limited to 50 people and I have already sold 16
tickets the last 2 days just talking about it in Canada!

So 34 spots left.
They will go FAST!
How much?

I think we all agree $70,000 is fair but not obtainable for
just about anyone (except Brint).

But I have a better deal
for you than that. A NO BRAINER!

I have a special deal for you. (Special offer at link below)

Go here to watch a video of me
talking about this program and special

Go here now