So yesterday I told you Part One of a crazy story.
It is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen at a speech.

If you missed Part One, here it is

If you’ve read Part One, here is Part Two…..

So, where we last left the story I was having dinner
with the man (Gerry) who had just received $100,000 from
Brint Ryan for memorizing a 50 digit number.

Before I had dinner with Gerry I emailed Brint and
said, ‘Hey Brint! I have an idea. I would like to be
your personal memory coach. You have 900
employees. Why don’t I coach you to remember
their names? I will give you 30% off what you gave
to Gerry. Only $70,000 for a month of coaching.’

Within minutes Brint had emailed me back and
said, ‘GREAT idea! Let’s do it!’

Brint was thrilled and frankly so was I! It was a
BIG paycheck for me. I don’t do personal
coaching. I just don’t do it.

But there are exceptions to everything!

In 24 years I have had hundreds of request.
But I am an introvert who is comfortable on
stage but when it gets too small of a group
I’m just not comfortable.

So I don’t do coaching.

But for $70,000 I can overcome being an
introvert :)

I set up a training program for Brint and
I walked him through how to remember

I would drive to his office and spend
an hour a day with him for 4
consecutive weeks. Coaching him
through the steps.

After it was complete I was giving a speech
in Dallas and told this story. One of Brint’s
friends was in the audience and texted
Brint, ‘Ron is talking about you!’

Brint’s wife texted back, ‘We are in Vegas
now and Brint is remembering so many
names of his staff. This is awesome.’

That made me feel GREAT!!

During the coaching we were in Brint’s
office and he looked at me and said,’Ron,
many might think I am crazy for paying
you $70,000 to coach me but I know if
I can learn this skill and leverage it then
I will generate much more than $70,000
from it.’

He was right. There is a reason he has
the ability to write $100,000 checks and
it is because he knows how to leverage

I learned as much from him as he did
from me (maybe more).

Tomorrow I will conclude this amazing
story and why you should care.

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