Memory Training using the secrets of the Navy Seals

How using Navy Seal secrets helped me win the USA memory championship.   *Disclaimer: I am not claiming to be or have been a Navy Seal. My coach was the Navy Seal. I did serve in the Navy (2002-2010) but not as a Seal. When I was training for the USA memory championships I decided […]

10 Weird Quirks of Geniuses

weird quirks

10 Weird Quirks of Famous Geniuses Have you ever heard of the bizarre things geniuses do? What makes them do these things? Perhaps it’s something us regular people can’t comprehend, but here is a list of 10 weird quirks of geniuses. 1. Alfred Hitchcock–  While filming “The Birds” he nearly tortured the lead actress Tippi […]

Spaced Repetition and long term memory

Master Spaced Repetition What is spaced repetition and how you can use it to improve your memory?  I have used spaced repetition to memorize more and also to commit information to long term memory.  Studies show that if you learn information today but you do not study any of it for the next 6 days, you will […]

Simonides, the inventor of memory training

Simonides and The History of memory training Hi, my name is Ron White.  I’ve been doing memory training seminars for 25 years.  Although I would like claim that I came up with and developed memory training, it has actually been around for 2,500 years.  It can actually be traced back to Greece to a man named Simonides. The […]

How to think like Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes mind Have you ever wanted to think like Sherlock Holmes?  I can teach you to do just that, I am the author of a book called Mind Palace: How to memorize and surmise like Sherlock Holmes.  I have some ideas, tips, and strategies on how you can learn to think like Sherlock Holmes. […]

How to Stay Focused | Learn to Stay Focused

Brain Myths

Tips on How to Stay Focused Hi everyone. I am Ron White, 2 time USA memory champion, without the ability to focus, I would’ve never become a national memory champion. These are my tips and strategies on how to stay focus. Now first of all, Why do you need to focus? Why can’t you just […]

Speed Reading

Speed Reading Course TO DOWNLOAD COURSE RIGHT CLICK ON LINKS AND SELECT ‘SAVE AS’. You can download as you go. No need to do all at once (unless you prefer. Workbook is below too!!!) Ron White’s Speed Reading – download workbook CD1 DownloadIntroduction to Speed Reading DownloadHow to Measure Your Reading Speed Download10-Minute Reading Drill […]

How to Memorize Medical Terms | Memorizing Medical Terms


Memorizing Medical Terms   Medical terms are some of the hardest terms to memorize. Trying to memorize unfamiliar terms can be a challenge. It can become stressful to try to memorize word that we don’t hear everyday. I have a great method that might help you memorize medical terms. Instead of trying study habits and […]

Best Memory Training Books | Memory Training


Best Memory Training Books I am the Two Time USA Memory Champ, Ron White and I have been teaching memory training for over 25 years. Instead of recommending my own books this time, I want to tell everyone about some of the courses I have learned over the last years of my business. You might […]

Better habits creates a better memory

How to improve memory with good habits Are you’re stressed out because you have a bad memory?  I can show your how to improve memory with good habits. Step 1: Getting enough sleep We have all heard it said a million times and it is the truth.  Without a good night’s rest, you are not able to […]