What in the world does a memory speaker talk about in his memory talk? Lots of things I am sure…yet, if I had to describe my memory talk this video is how I would do it

I have perfected this memory talk since 1991. I remember being 19 years old and showing up at sales offices in Dallas/Fort Worth area to give my talk and they would look at me and say, ‘Okay Ron well when the speaker gets here just let me know and we will all go in together!’ Ha! That LITERALLY happened at a real estate office in Dallas.

Once a sales manager of a printing company said, ‘Are you out of high school yet?’ He told me that he couldn’t shut his company down for 30 minutes to have some kid talk to them. He assured me that they were professionals with a lot of experience and he would lose credibility if he had me in to speak for them. I asked him to give me 5 minutes and if I didn’t have their attention after 5 minutes I would leave. He agreed and I walked in and memorized all 30 names in 5 minutes and he smiled and let me continue. He eventually offered me a job!

So being a memory speaker wasn’t an easy road but because of that I perfected this presentation over 20 years and I promise you one thing….IT IS GOOD!! VERY GOOD! It will be fun, professional, educational and entertaining. You will see me do the same memory training demos that I have done on national television live for your group and then give skills everyone can use to improve their memory and productivity.

This is FUN!!

Here is a 20 minute clip of my talk