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How to Remember Names

The videos above explain how to memorize names. Practice these methods.

1. What is their name? (ask this question silently to yourself to focus your mind)

2. Select an outstanding feature on their face (this is their file)

3. Turn their name into a picture

4. With action and emotion see the picture on their face

5. REVIEW REVIEW (Review as you walk away, drive in your car and days later) The best thing you can do in this event is have predetermined pictures for names.

For example:

Steve = stove

Karen = carrot

Lisa = Mona Lisa

Brian = brain

Lynn = lint

Ron = run

Michelle = missle

Wendi = wind

Gary = garage

Kathy = cat

Tom = tomcat

Harold = hair that is old

Eric = ear ache

Tim = tin (can)

George = gorge

David = divot (golfing)

Kevin = cave in

Dave = cave

Al = owl

Albert = burnt owl

Lee = leaves

Sue = sew

Lance = sir Lancelot

Charles = charcoal

Matt = mat

Paul = ball

You get the idea. Every time you hear a name and turn it into a picture and once you select a picture for that name – NEVER change it! Then place the name on the face with ACTION! It is going to take time to turn names into pictures but if for the next month you turn every person’s name into a pictures that you meet you will have 200-300 at the end of the month and be AMAZED at how well you perform at remembering names and faces!

Practice, practice, practice!!

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The Info on Names Above Isn’t Even 1% of What You Get in My FULL Course. Get That Here:

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