Memory Training – Ron White Memory – Brain Athlete Package

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY! Learn the memory secrets of 2 Time USA Memory Champion Ron White!

This is Ron’s core basic that gives you all the fundamentals that you need to build a powerful memory with 6 CDs, a memory DVD and the most powerful memory book (in ebook format) ever written!


Memory in a Month is the basic core to all 3 packages.This program is 6 CDs and you work through it for 10 minutes a day for 30 consecutive days. You will learn all the basic skills needed to catapult your memory to the next level – names, numbers, memorize chapters of books, foreign languages, give speeches without notes, math formulas, study for tests and much more!

144 Page Memory Book – How to Memorize Names, Numbers, Speeches, Playing Cards and Everything Else (in Ebook  format)

A complete E Book guide to memory training. 200 pages that takes you from the very basics of memory training to the most advanced techniques. Names, numbers, chapters of books, playing cards, lists of words, concepts, foreign languages, math formulas and more

Instant Memory DVD – Watch as Ron teach his memory system to a room full of eager learners. He will memorize over 150 names right before your eyes and then give you tips, skills and strategies to do this.Watch Ron explain the basics of memory in a fun, interactive and powerful live workshop!

Memory in a Month – For 30 Days you will be introduced to a new memory strategy!

Day1 – History of memory Training
Day2 – Basic Association and uses
Day3 – Chain Association uses
Day4 – Intro to Roman ‘Loci’
Day5 – Create mental file
Day6 -Learn foreign languages
Day7 – Memorize books
Day8 – Abstracts, math formulas
Day9 – Create 20 more files
Day10 – Memorize a 20 line poem
Day11 – Speeches without notes
Day12 – Abstract Data
Day13 – More speeches
Day14 – More practice languages
Day15 – Advanced techniques
Day 16 – Learn to hear a 20 digit # once and retain it
Day 17 – More training in number
Day 18 – How to recall names and faces
Day 19 – How to recall names and faces
Day 20 – How to recall names and faces
Day 21 – How to recall names and faces
Day 22 – Learn to recall appointments and dates
Day 23 – Memory graph for locations or maps
Day 24 – Fun memory games
Day 25 – Use file to recall 20 random words
Day 26 – Directions, numbers, names
Day 27 – Build and review 65 mental files
Day 28 – 26 new files to store data
Day 29 – Memorize preamble to Constitution
Day 30 – Summarize and prepare for future!


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Hi Ron

I was at your Conference on sunday 7 October 2012 in London with Donald Trump.and was blown away by the power of what you do. I missed out on your offer to do the London workshop which l would just love to do but l was strapped for cash on the day. I will have it next week. My question is if there is a cancellation I would love to take the offer. Please let me know. Many thanks
Louisa Andre

Ron, I heard you in person, loved it and purchased your “Memory in a Month” program. Your system is simple and effective. Thanks!
Now it is time for my youngest son learn it.

This is an incredible program! It absolutely floors me to this day how much we our brains can retain; fearfully and wonderfully made!! It has been very easy to recall things when studying for a test, it’s all grouped in a logical place. Phenomenal system, thanks so much Ron!

Plz give my sincere thanks to whom creat this memory course. It’s easy to understand & follow up. Thanks Ron. My memory has become much better than before. Plz keep me updated with your new project.

I had no idea that my brain was capable of remembering so much! On the first day of memory training, I could only remember 6 out of 20 words. By the next day, I could remember every word out of 45- in the right order! Great class. Just as entertaining as it was helpful and informative! Thanks Ron!!

Went to a general seminar @ a professional development day – and was so impressed I signed up for the seminar – can’t wait until the 13th and 14th of August!!! Thanks Ron!

Ron delivered on his promise to show you how to remember places, names and data. My ability to improve on his exercises was great, now we’ll get to see if it works in the real world…

I’m on day ten now. What a great program, and much easier than I thought. I recommend it to everyone not only for a better memory but to improve mental sharpness as well. Blessings…….

Awesome seminar Ron! I too seem to have lost the steel trap memory I used to have. Day 1 I got 10 words out of 20 correct and thought that was pretty good…Day 2 I hit 43 of 45 and was bummed I missed the two. I can’t wait to apply the tools you taught us. Awesome seeing the kids there from ages 9- 20 looking for ways to help with their studies! What an invaluable opportunity for them.

So Surprised by this class! You can ask me in any order all of thd US President’s!! I was always forgetting things & now I KNOW the secret to remembering anything. It was worth every penny! I wish I knew the secret when I was in college!

Thanks Ron!
Misty Purner

I have only been to one of your seminars but really enjoyed it and learned alot. I would love to go to another when your in the Ft Worth, Texas area.

I have only been to one of your classes and really enjoyed it, and would love to go to another one when your in the Ft Wortharea.

Great class, would recommend you take the time to see what your brain can really do! I was amazed! Thanks Ron!

I have several memory books, most are discouragingly complicated.

However, Ron’s program is simple and to the point. It requires little time and effort to achieve great results. I had my memory trained using similar methods before, however, I switched to some of Ron’s afterwards. Way easier.

Best guide for beginners that I know of!

You are awsome
had a wonderful time at the USA championship this past week. Here is my home address: 15 Garnet Place Elmont, NY 11003-3633 You told me you had a lot of free stuff that you would send me.

I purchased Ron White’s Memory in a month but have mis=placed the workbook. Is there any way I can obtain just the workbook thanks James