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How to remember names of people you just met. I want to introduce you to a few of my friends.  The guy on the far […]

How to Memorize Periodic Table Need to know how to memorize the Periodic Table.  There are 180 elements in the Periodic Table and I can […]

  What is long term memory? Can you remember where you on September 11,2001?  What about December 1, 2002? Most likely you can’t recall unless […]

Remember What You Read in 5 Easy Steps 1. Highlight or underline keywords as you read Don’t try to memorize as you read but instead […]

 Ways Jiu Jitsu is Just Like Memory/Brain Training   1. Check your excuses at the door Memory Training – When people take my memory seminar […]

Name Memory Test. How to Remember Names and Faces This page is created for people listening to my audio of a name memory program. If […]

How I Have Used the Mind Palace Memory Method to do Freaky Things With My Memory It it hard to believe that I have been […]

This is how I taught a 6 year old to memorize presidents of USA. Anyone using this method could memorize presidents (all of them in […]

One of my goals for 2015 is to learn more languages. I would like to become fluent in Spanish and then learn a little more […]

You Remember Some Things and Not Others. This is Why Why do you remember some things and not others? How do you remember some things? […]