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Nat Geo Brain Games – How I Memorized on the Show

How I Memorize on Nat Geo Brain Games So I was on the first season of the Nat Geo Show 'Brain Games'. I like to think that I am the reason the show got a 2nd and 3rd season. Ok...maybe not but I am happy with my role in the show. I am a memory

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How to Calculate Reading Speed

You should calculate reading speed before you learn how to speed read. If you would like to learn HOW to speed read then click here (How to speed read). But I recommend that you figure out your reading speed FIRST before you read this so that you will get an accurate before/after measurement  If you want

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how to speed read

First of all, I will be the first to admit that I am not a world champion speed reader. I am a former USA Memory Champion but not speed reading. I do know how to speed read though and can teach anyone how to speed read fairly easily. Memory training and how to speed read are

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Why do you remember some things

You Remember Some Things and Not Others. This is Why Why do you not remember some things Why do you remember some things and not others? How do you remember some things? Well, let's just deal with the easy question first of, 'why do you remember some things and not others?' Your mind

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Bangkok Memory Seminar

One of the best things about being a speaker is the travel. It is also one of the worst things about being a speaker. I am actually typing this on an airplane! Once or twice a year I will teach memory seminars in Bangkok. It is a country that I have come to appreciate and

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Going to the next level in Memory Training

Recently someone emailed me and asked if there were resources for someone who wanted to get serious about memory training. They wanted to go to the nest level I guess you could say in their mental game. First of all you need the basics and that goes without saying. I have a ton of free

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Does Lumosity Work?

Does Lumosity work? No personally I don't think Lumosity 'works'. But I suppose that depends on how you define 'works'. Is Lumosity fun? Yes. Can you improve at their games? Yes. Again, does Lumosity work? However, because you are seeing improvement at THEIR specific games does that mean it works? I don't think it does.

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