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Speed Reading Course TO DOWNLOAD COURSE RIGHT CLICK ON LINKS AND SELECT 'SAVE AS'. You can download as you go. No need to do all at once (unless you prefer. Workbook is below too!!!) Ron White’s Speed Reading – download workbook CD1 DownloadIntroduction to Speed Reading DownloadHow to Measure Your Reading Speed Download10-Minute Reading Drill

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How to Calculate Reading Speed

You should calculate reading speed before you learn how to speed read. If you would like to learn HOW to speed read then click here (How to speed read). But I recommend that you figure out your reading speed FIRST before you read this so that you will get an accurate before/after measurement  If you want

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how to speed read

First of all, I will be the first to admit that I am not a world champion speed reader. I am a former USA Memory Champion but not speed reading. I do know how to speed read though and can teach anyone how to speed read fairly easily. Memory training and how to speed read are

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