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Two time USA Memory Champion and memory training expert Ron White memory guy shares what it was like being the USA Memory Champion and what […]

  • Posted on: March 30, 2011
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Two time USA Memory Champion and memory training speaker and memory expert Ron White shares the answer to the question : Does Ron White have […]

  • Posted on: February 23, 2011
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It is very exciting to see a client use my material to get the results with their memory we know they can have. Here is a video of Stewart Sykes talking about how he has effected his collegues and family using my memory system.

  • Posted on: February 12, 2011
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Ron White memorizing cards at the 2009 World Memory Championship in London. In this attempt Ron shuffled through a deck of cards in 1 min and 17 seconds (roughly) and then (not shown in the video) attempted to assemble a second deck of cards to match the deck he has just seen. It was not a success, he flip flopped two cards.