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Bangkok Memory Training Seminar

Two time USA Memory Champion and memory training expert Ron White shares his travels through Asia teaching memory training seminars: I just completed a memory training seminar in Bangkok that my friend Amin Rais hosted. Amin and I have been working together since 2008. He has brought me to Bangkok for 4 memory seminars in

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Memory Training in Africa

Two Time USA Memory Champion and memory training expert Ron White shares his account of his memory training tour through Africa: I was set to deliver 8 memory training talks in 4 countries over a period of 12 days and I was determined to make it a positive trip and...oh wow! Has it ever been

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He Remembers Names

Two time USA Memory Champion and memory training expert and memory speaker Ron White shares his story about his favorite dry cleaner: So there I was, just another normal day bringing my laundry to the cleaners. I was hurried and a bit frazzled from a stressful day. Sometimes I need to be reminded that my

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2011 USA Memory Championship

Let it be known that memorizing facts and numbers can get you worldwide recognition, as evidenced by Joshua Foer, the 2006 Memory Champion. He landed a $1.25 million dollar book deal from Penguin Press. Moonwalking with Einstein: the Art and Science of Remembering Everything will be available in bookstores on March 3, 2011.

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Life Lessons From a Navy SEAL by Ron White

When I meet someone who is a Navy SEAL I am always in awe. There is absolutely no way in few paragraphs that I could convey to you what goes into being a Navy SEAL. Probably 5% of the world's population has the physical ability to become a SEAL. I would guess that less than 2% have the mental toughness and maybe 1% have both.

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Improving Your Memory through Constant Learning

Ron White the National Memory Champion is always teaching others to continue learning. It is the best way to keep your mind sharp. Good information... Keeping our brains active can help improve memory performance. While the old tried and tested method of repetition is still an important part of memory techniques, we also need a bit of novelty to keep our minds awake and to stimulate our brains.

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