Speed Reading Course

TO DOWNLOAD COURSE RIGHT CLICK ON LINKS AND SELECT ‘SAVE AS’. You can download as you go. No need to do all at once (unless you prefer. Workbook is below too!!!)

Ron White’s Speed Reading – download workbook


DownloadIntroduction to Speed Reading

DownloadHow to Measure Your Reading Speed

Download10-Minute Reading Drill with Music

DownloadCalculating Your Reading Speed

DownloadUsing Your Hand – Basic Speed Reading Strategies

DownloadReading Backwards

DownloadReading Groups of Words

DownloadExplanation on the Size of Loops

DownloadSpeed-Increasig Drills


DownloadDifferent Hand motion Techniques

DownloadExplanation of Drills on Next Track

DownloadSpeed-Increasing Drills

DownloadFive Levels of Speed Reading

DownloadHow to Recall What You Read

DownloadHow to Use Your mental Files for memory

DownloadSeeing Groups of Words

DownloadSpeed-increasing Drills


DownloadKeys to Speed reading

DownloadSpeed-increasing Drills

DownloadSpeed-Increasing Drills

DownloadRemembering What You read Test

DownloadAnswers to Memory Test

DownloadMore Speed-Reading Strategies

DownloadSpeed-increasing Drills

DownloadMeasuring Your New Reading Speed


DownloadImproving Comprehension Level

DownloadBuilding Your Vocabulary

DownloadUnderstanding Suffixes and Prefixes

DownloadBuilding Your reading Speed Through Foreign

DownloadGreek and Latin Root Words

DownloadSpeed reading for Kids

DownloadReading for Pleasure, On Computer and for


Or alternatively the audios are here as well

Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

Lesson 3:

Lesson 4: