August 19 in the evening
August 20 ending by 2pm

Total length 2-3 hours

  • Remember what you read
  • Reduce stress related to studying
  • Everyone in room will be able to hear 40 words once and repeat forwards backwards and by numbers
  • Learn to give speeches without notes to be a more confident speaker
  • Be able to memorize a page of notes in minutes
  • Easy way to memorize math formulas
  • How to memorize definitions
  • Quick tricks to learn foreign language words
  • No more taking a test and turning it in only to remember the answer as you walk out of the room!
  • No more late night studying session frustrated because you can’t remember
  • Unlock the secret to learning anything faster
  • Ideal for Junior Hight to College age students

When you see me write out the US Constitution from memory or other memory demonstrations I am using the EXACT same system I would teach your students here

ADULTS and students are welcome!!

No limit to the number of people