Last year I filmed a very fun infomercial with Montel Williams in Central Park.

It was great to meet him in person. I can’t say I had been a ‘fan’ of him but I certainly knew who he was.

I am a fan of him now. Simply because he treated me kind, he is former military (also Navy intel as I was) and he is a hard working and talented guy.

In this infomercial it is for his new product Cognivance. It is a supplement. My portion of the program is strictly memory training. In this video we talk about how to remember names and faces. Montel and I both try to remember all the names in the group. I was VERY impressed with how many Montel got right and that is legit. I wasn’t acting when I was impressed. He is a smart guy. This wasn’t staged either. The group gave us their names on the spot.

You will also see my results and I did very good as well :)

In the video I explain the basics of how to remember or memorize names. I give the steps of:

1. You have to be focused (I do this by asking the question, ‘What is their name?’

2. You have to pick a unique file on their face (an outstanding feature)

3. You have to create pictures for their names (I have a picture for hundreds of common names. To get my pictures for common names enter your email address in the box on this website or go here )

Here is the video with Montel and I