So I just finished my speech in Crested Butte, Colorado. I’m not going to lie I completely enjoyed my time here at the Lodge.

I spoke for a group of farmers from Kansas who were here for an annual meeting. Here is a short video of the meeting

Before my speech I mingled with the 100+ participants and memorized all their names. They had on name tags so I just did it during the time that they were eating. Then at the first part of my speech, I asked the audience to stand up (you can see that in the video) and what you don’t see is that I repeated their names. I got all of them but ONE! I was disappointed I didn’t get that last guy. His name was Ed and for some reason I drew a blank and couldn’t remember his name.

Then of course I memorized a 50 digit number for the group and gave them my 5 steps to memorize anything.

After the meeting, I enjoyed the sites and took a lift up the mountain and then hiked the rest of the way up. Just to enjoy my downtime. Such is the life of a memory speaker. Being a memory expert isn’t all about memorizing (thankfully), it also involves fun and travel. Here is that hike

Now for me at the top of the mountain… A little winded…yeah that’s true.

Now, I am at the airport headed back to Fort Worth

Quick memory tip: Drink more water! A Dehydrated brain can’t focus