How I Have Used the Mind Palace Memory Method to do Freaky Things With My Memory

It it hard to believe that I have been in business for 24 years and now entering my 25th year. I shake my head at how fast time flies. I remember sitting in a memory training class led by Don Colton in August of 1991. It was at the Holiday Inn Brookhollow in Dallas at the intersection of 183 & I35. It seems like it was yesterday, but it wasn’t. It was a lifetime ago.

In that memory seminar I learned a technique that I didn’t know was called the Mind Palace but it was and it changed my life and the way I memorize and learn.

The Mind Palace also know as the Memory Palace or Method of Loci is a 2500 year old memory method.

The very basic idea of how the Mind Palace works is that you number pieces of furniture in your home and then use these pieces of furniture to store data.

I have used this Mind Palace memory method to memorize numbers, decks of cards, words, poems, speeches, points from a book and languages. It really is a great technique to memorize just about anything. The top memory experts in the world rely on the Mind Palace. I am certain that 99% of those competing in the use it.

The above Youtube video explains in detail exactly how you should go about using the Mind Palace to retain and memorize information.

It really is as simple as going to your friend’s house and leaving your coat in a chair and then returning to that chair hours later. The chair mentally stored the coat for you and that is what the furniture in a Mind Palace does.

1. Number 5 pieces of furniture in each room of your home (1-5, 6-10, 11-15, and so on)

2. The next time you have a list of words to memorize (dog, water, book,etc) just imagine each word on a different piece of furniture. Then to remember the words mentally walk back through your home or should I say Mind Palace.

Check out the Yotube video it really explains the Mind Palace well. This page describes how to build your very own Mind Palace