Do Cell Phones Hurt Memory? That is what one Study Says.

Do cell phones hurt memory? One study seems to think and anytime I disagree with scientific studies I always get a bit nervous but I don’t think cell phones are hurting our memory. I explained this today as a guest on Fox & Friends. I feel so lucky to have been on the #1 cable morning show in America Fox & Friends again today. It was the 6th time that I have been on their show in the last 5 years.

Enjoyed being on Fox & Friends this morning! Great guys! #foxandfriends #memoryexpert #memorytraining #foxnews

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Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and Elizabeth Hasselback were so incredibly nice to me. They always are. I’ve been on lots of morning shows and these guys are just such cool people. It’s an understatement to say it’s an honor to be on their show.

This morning I responded to an article that cell phone dependence hurts memory. When I asked, ‘Do cell phones hurt memory? or leads to digital amnesia.’ I replied that I just didn’t buy it and I made that point today. My rebuttal to this article was that while we no longer remember phone numbers like we used to 20 years ago we do have other things we remember. We have so many passwords and technology. Our jobs are so much more advance with more to learn often times so just because we don’t have to memorize phone numbers anymore this does not mean that cell phones hurt memory or lead to digital amnesia.

I’ve never even heard of digital amnesia although I have been asked before if cell phones hurt memory.

I then gave memory tips and listed some foods good for memory:

– blueberries

– spinach

– water

and then gave a memory test to the host. I gave them 10 words to remember:

  • Microphone
  • Arm
  • Quarters
  • Flashlight
  • Trail
  • Judge running
  • Friends
  • Bale of hay
  • Turn right
  • State you are from

They did very well and Elizabeth got it 100% correct on the recall. I then revealed that these words were actually representing the Bill of Rights

  • Microphone – Freedom of Speech
  • Arm – Right to Bear Arms
  • Quarters – Quartering soldiers
  • Flashlight – Unreasonable search and seizure
  • Trail – Don’t have to testify against self
  • Judge running – Speedy trial
  • Friends – Trial by jury
  • Bale of hay – No excessive bail
  • Turn right – You have rights not in constitution
  • State you are from – State’s rights

I think they enjoyed this memory demonstration and I hope it proved that we are not losing our memories just because of cell phones. So the idea that cell phones are hurting our memory just doesn’t ring very true to me. We all can improve our memory with memory systems such as the Mind Palace and I hope people do.

You have a lot to memorize in business and in school. Don’t use the excuse about your cell phone hurting your memory! It only is if you let it!