‘Ron White memory training expert and two time USA Memory Champion.’ I like the sound of that!!

But to be honest I like the sound of, ‘Ron White memory training expert and 3 time USA Memory Champion’ even better!! :)

Before I share with you what my memory training schedule looks like and how I prepare myself for a memory tournament I would like to encourage YOU to participate in a memory tournament one day. You may say, ‘NO WAY! My memory isn’t like the guys who compete in the tournament! I could never do that!’

Let me ask you this – How many people run the Boston marathon because they think they are going to win it? Maybe 100 believe they have a legit shot at being #1 but over 20,000 on average participate!! Why, not for the number one spot because of who they have to become in the process of competing. My challenge to you is to compete in a memory tournament and specifically the USA Memory Championship for who you must become in the process of competing! You must become a person who:

1. Learn a memory training method
2. Perfect the memory training method
3. Adjusts your diet
4. Sacrifice recreational time
5. Get creative using memory strategies
6. Use your creative brain to plan a strategy for the tournament
7. Experience performing in pressure situations
8. Meet other people who are always learning, growing and discovering new levels of the brain

The event is normally held the first or second Saturday of March in New York city. The event will start in the morning and last until 4 or 5pm.

It is a series of 7 events that you must navigate through. The events are:

– How many names and faces can you recall in 15 minutes
– How many consecutive digits can you memorize in 5 minutes
– How fast can you CORRECTLY remember the sequence of a shuffled deck of cards?
– How many words of a poem can you memorize in 15 minutes?
– How many random words can you memorize in 15 minutes?
– How much info can you remember from 5 people that you meet? (name, birthday, address, phone, pet, hobbies, car, favorite foods)
– How may cards can you memorize (2 decks supplied) in 5 minutes?

After the first 4 memory events they take the top 8 and these advance to the ‘playoff’ round for the final 3 events and it is a process of elimination. The last man standing wins and I am happy to say the last 2 years it has been yours truly!

It is a TON of fun and you grow as a person big time! I really encourage you to check out www.usamemorychampionship.com and I hope to see you there!