Well, as the memory guy I had a stressful month. Literally….

I was at a speech and my mind went blank when I was recalling a 50 digit number! The first time that has EVER happened in front of a group. Embarrassing but more importantly stressful…this is my career. The stress was compounded when I was tackling a MASSIVE memory project 6,000 pieces of info in exact order and 80% of the way into it (6 weeks into it) my brain COMPLETELY locked up! I couldn’t get any further. So my mind was really stressing last month. Unfortunately the stress/worry just makes things worse for the future. Stress is the number one enemy to your memory.

So I had to calm my mind down and ask myself, ‘Why? Why am I getting these results?’ Stress was definitely a part of it but also my nutrition and lack of exercise was impacting me. So I contacted Florian Boschi at http://www.flowholistic.com/. He was recommended by my good friend and personal coach TC Cummings. If you have followed me for any length of time you know TC was instrumental in my two USA Memory Championship win. He is a former US Navy SEAL and we appeared on Fox News show Fox and Friends Show after I won the tournament for the second year in a row.

Florian’s bio reads:

He is constantly working on improving his Chinese medical education by introducing cutting edge medical research and technologies into his practice. Among other things, Florian combines ancient Chinese herbal  medicine with modern supplementation. He works in conjunction with labs and a wide range of western practitioners in conjunction with eastern traditional diagnostic and treatment methods, always attempting to better his results through finding more effective approaches.





I am having some blood tests done over the next few weeks and then will be engaging in a nutrition regiment coupled with his advice to get my head back to where it needs to be! This is very exciting for me and I promise to keep you posted!