Salt Lake City Student and Adult Memory Workshop

August 19 in the evening or August 20 ending by 2pm Total length 2-3 hours Remember what you read Reduce stress related to studying Everyone in room will be able to hear 40 words once and repeat forwards backwards and by numbers Learn to give speeches without notes to be a more confident speaker Be

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Pictures For 100 Common Names

Download your pictures for 100 common names here Pictures for 100 common names I hope you enjoy and benefit from my pictures. Remember you can also upgrade and get my pictures for 500 common names plus educational videos by going here

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Ron White Memory Coaching Call

The last time this was offered was 4 YEARS ago and this is only the second time ever. If this would help you, grab your spot now. Only a few spots remaining  Let's talk on the phone (or Skype if you are out of USA). Me and you. 1 on 1. Up close and personal.

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