Afghanistan Memory Wall

I don’t talk much about the Afghanistan Memory Wall on this page because I try to keep it separate from my business page. With that said, as I look forward to 2015 and doing the Afghanistan Memory Wall and starting a non profit 501c3 I think I can bring a lot of attention to the […]

Memory Training Around the World

So my company is called Brain Athlete, Inc and one thing we are really focused on right now is getting our memory course around the world. I have certified trainers to teach this course in Thailand and soon hope to have trainers around the world. Here is a travel map to the countries I’ve visited […]

how to speed read

how to speed read

First of all, I will be the first to admit that I am not a world champion speed reader. I am a former USA Memory Champion but not speed reading. I do know how to speed read though and can teach anyone how to speed read fairly easily. Memory training and how to speed read are […]

Bangkok Memory Seminar

One of the best things about being a speaker is the travel. It is also one of the worst things about being a speaker. I am actually typing this on an airplane! Once or twice a year I will teach memory seminars in Bangkok. It is a country that I have come to appreciate and […]

Does Lumosity Work?

Does Lumosity work? No personally I don’t think Lumosity ‘works’. But I suppose that depends on how you define ‘works’. Is Lumosity fun? Yes. Can you improve at their games? Yes. Again, does Lumosity work? However, because you are seeing improvement at THEIR specific games does that mean it works? I don’t think it does. […]

Afghanistan Memory Wall Trip

It’s July 20th. 18 days ago I set out to drive to Daytona to write the Afghanistan Memory Wall there at the Daytona 400 Coke Race and from there drive to New Hampshire to do the same at a NASCAR race there. I was leaving with mixed feeling as I set out to drive on […]

Why my company will never have a Memorial Day sale

If you are looking for a Memorial Day sale from my company you will have to keep looking. Yet, rest assured I am sure you will see many. They will plaster our newspapers, televisions and radio spots with Memorial Day sales. I will confess that before I served in the military (2002-2010), I would often […]