How to Get College Scholarships

Different Ways to Get College Scholarships There are many different ways to get a scholarship to college. Scholarships given by colleges are the most common type of scholarships. However, there are plenty of other ways to receive a scholarship, such as outside scholarships, local scholarships, state scholarships and national scholarships that are offered by schools, […]

The Ten Commandments of Selling

What are the 10 Commandments of Selling? 1. Sell with Pride and Enthusiasm – It will be obvious if you embrace and enjoy selling. If you do, your sales will sky rocket. Yet, if you view selling as a second class profession, do not be surprised when your checks reflect that you are the employee […]

You Didn’t Make The Sale

When You Don’t Make The Sale So you didn’t make the sale. They didn’t want to do business with you. Your product was not for them…not right now, at least. Now that is the key word. Not right now…. That is the key word… Not now. Just because you didn’t catch them at the right […]

A Good Salesperson’s Mentality

Sales: Killing the Giant While He is Still 3 Feet Tall The salesperson who makes excuses might say: “They said our price were too high.” “It was too far for them to drive.” “They wanted it in blue.” “They said the competition had a better product.” Every salesperson has an excuse for why they don’t […]

How to be the Top Sales Person for 20 Years

How to be a Good Sales Person It all started when I was 14 years old–my sales career, that is. I took a job as a newspaper delivery boy. It was exciting for a 14 year-old to have money in his pocket and understand the value of a dollar. I was no longer reliant on […]

Mine is SMALLER than the average man’s. A doctor confirmed it

fingers measuring small size

Mine is smaller than the average man’s. I hadn’t ever known FOR SURE if it was or not. But I had my suspicions. It never really made a difference one way or the other until well you know…those situations when things start to get physical and then it is obvious to everyone including me. Mine […]