You Remember Some Things and Not Others. This is Why

remember some things

Why do you not remember some things

Why do you remember some things and not others?

How do you remember some things?

Well, let’s just deal with the easy question first of, ‘why do you remember some things and not others?’

Your mind will remember things that have ACTION and EMOTION in them. For example, last night I had something happen that I will NEVER forget. I STEPPED ON A 3 FOOT RATTLE SNAKE!!! I am NOT kidding you. Check this video out right after I stepped on it:

Why do you I remember some things? Why will I remember this forever? Well I am afraid of snakes (yeah, I will admit it) and this FREAKED ME OUT. The emotion of that will put it in my long term memory.

Think about it. Where were you on Sept 11th? You can remember it because of the emotion involved.

Have you ever had a car accident? When? Where? How did it occur (don’t worry I’m not a cop)? Who was in the car? Who was driving? Who was in the other car?

Most likely even if this was 25 years ago you can still give me every detail. But you can’t tell me everywhere you drove 2 weeks ago on Tuesday. Why not? No ACTION and no EMOTION. So this is what cements memories into our long term memory (for the most part).

ACTION and EMOTION is why you remember some things and not others.

So that means when I want to memorize a name if the name is Lisa I don’t just think, ‘Ok I will imagine the Mona Lisa.’ No…I see myself getting the painting and smashing it over her head or imagine she is stealing it. Crazy but it works. You need emotion.

For more of an explanation on how to memorize you can watch this video:

The more vivid or emotional an action or event is the better chance that we will remember it. When you wonder why you remember some things think about those things that you remember. Are they emotional? Was their action involved? I bet so. This is why you remember some things and not others.

You can train your brain to memorize ANYTHING though even if it isn’t emotional or full of actions. Click the links on our website with our products.