By Ron White Memory Guy

Selecting the right keynote speaker for your conference is an important and crucial task in insuring the success of your meeting. Here is a simple check list to follow when selecting your speaker.

1. Does your speaker have testimonials? This illustrates others have tested the value of this program.

2. Does your speaker have a book or CD album? This is not necessary to be a good speaker so don’t make it the make or break criteria. However, if your speaker is not a celebrity speaking (military hero, sports athlete, ex politician, tv start, etc) and does not have a book it may mean they are relatively new to speaking

3. Does the speaker have a demo video? If they don’t want you to see a video of their speech there may be a reason for this.

4. Has this speaker been in the media? If a speaker really has a dynamic talk it isn’t rare of radio, television or newspapers to pick up on this. For example, Ron White the memory guy has appeared on numerous television programs include the History Channel’s Stan Lee’s Superhumans.

5. Does the keynote speaker return your calls or emails in a reasonable amount of time? This is often a hint into the keynote speaker’s organizational skills and could be a sneak peak into how they will handle your meeting.

6. Is this speaker near the top of their field in their subject matter?

7. Remember that audiences while they like to be educated they must be entertained to maintain focus for any length of time. Is the speaker you are looking at fun? Captivating? Interesting? If not at least one of these your audience will drift. Boring speeches by lecturers behind a podium typically lead to drifting minds, day dreaming and unfulfilled expectations.

8. How long have they been speaking? Even the best keynote speaker was at one time a beginner and you don’t want to pass someone up because they are a beginner, however it is wise to look for experience.

How does keynote speaker Ron White measure up?

– Ron has been speaking almost 20 years
– He is the two time national champion in his field
– He has been on media from Good Morning America and The Discovery Channel to Fox and Friends morning show
– Ron has dozens of CD and book packages all authored by him
– Ron has testimonials of hundreds of satisfied customers
– There are many videos of Ron speaking online and available upon request (the same videos online)
– Ron amazes with memory demonstrations that entertain and educate!

When selecting a keynote speaker it doesn’t have to be Ron White memory guy, however you can’t go wrong if it is!