Ron White Speaker Bureau Memory Expert

Speaker Bureau Memory Expert

Speaker Bureau memory expert speaker Ron White is the choice for your next conference or convention.

Are you googling the term ‘speaker bureau memory expert’? If so, it might be because you saw Ron White speak at a conference and you want him to speak for yours and all you can remember is that he was a memory expert but not his name!

Here is a quick video of speaker bureau memory expert Ron White describing his talk

If you found this page because you searched: speaker bureau memory expert, then take a few minutes and watch the above video.

In it Ron White describes how he will memorize everyone’s name in your audience (up to 300! NO JOKE) and the repeat the names from memory. It is like a Vegas show!

Everyone will walk away with take aways:

  • How to remember names to build relationship
  • How to give presentations from memory to be a more confident and dynamic presenter
  • How to remember what you read or learn from classes

End your speaker bureau memory expert search RIGHT HERE!!

Contact Ron White and schedule him as the memory expert for your conference.


Watch the video above and then book Ron!