Memory Training Expert Ron White memorizing girls numbers

In the video below memory training expert Ron White goes to a Hooters restaurant and memorizes a string of numbers created by the girls

Memory Training Expert


Ron White has been a memory training expert for almost 25 years. He took his first memory training seminar August of 1991. Since then he has become a 2 time USA Memory Champion.

He has appeared as the memory expert on the National Geographic show Brain Games and the History Channel show Stan Lee’s Superhumans

He was even the memory training expert on Fox tv Superhuman show with Kal Penn and Mike Tyson where he memorized the names, 10 digit phone numbers and details of 15 women.

That is 15 names, 150 digits and 15 facts.

As a memory training expert Ron White has taught memory seminars in 30 countries and 40 US States.

His memory improvement seminars teach people to give speeches without notes, memorize chapters of books, memorize names and faces, recall product knowledge, memorize languages, poems and much more.

To see him as the memory training expert on Fox tv’s Superhuman watch this video


Superhuman from Ronnie White on Vimeo.

Questions and answers with memory training expert, Ron White.

Q: When did you realize that you had a special memory?

A: I wasn’t born with a special ability that others don’t have. I took a memory seminar August of 1991 and anyone can improve their memory. I wasn’t a special kid in regards to my memory growing up.

Q: What do you like best about being a memory training expert?

A: For me I enjoy seeing people discover how powerful their memory really is. I also enjoy the travel and seeing new cultures

Q: Can anyone be a memory training expert?

A: I believe so. If you are willing to put in the time I think this is a system anyone can master. It is like learning a new language. If you spend a month you could be fluent in the language of memory just like you could Spanish or German.

Q: Do you need to compete in memory tournaments to be a real memory training expert?

A: I don’t think so. I started as a memory training expert in 1991 and didn’t compete in my first tournament until 2008. With that said, I think it was an important step for me in getting credibility.