So I have been a memory speaker for 23 years now! Yikes!!! That’s amazing that I started doing this when I was 5 years old I know! :)

(Actually I started at 18. I’m now into my 4th decade of life. seriously? wow)

I’ve always been the type of person that wants to push myself to be the absolute best I could be and advertise myself with integrity. The first decade of speaking my bio would say, ‘Ron White is one of the top memory experts in the country.’ Then I had to ask myself, ‘What credentials do I have to say this or is this just fluff/puffery that so many do in their marketing?’ I didn’t want to do that so I told myself, ‘Compete in the USA Memory Championship and set a record or win it. If you don’t stop saying you are one of the best.’ Well, I not only set 2 USA Memory Records I became the 2 time USA Memory Champion and came in 2nd place twice. So I now feel I have earned the right to say I am one of the top memory experts.

Memory Speaker Ron White

Memory Speaker Ron White

But here is the deal, I didn’t just want to be one of the top memory experts I wanted to be a top memory SPEAKER!. There is a difference. You don’t get paid to be a top memory expert, you did get paid to be a memory speaker. Now the truth that many don’t want to admit:


Argue with me all you want but as a general rule it is true. That’s why sporting arenas are packed and libraries are not. It’s why the Kardashians are mega stars and scientists are not. So I make my speech like a Vegas show. It is FUN, FUN, FUN. I memorize up to 300 names in the audience and repeat them rapid fire. Check it out:

Here is 20 minutes of my speech (normally a 60 minute keynote) and you will see how fun I try to make it

A memory speaker once asked me, ‘How do I get more speeches?’ I replied, ‘Make it fun. Focus on entertaining them.’ He was offended and said, ‘You don’t understand how valuable the information I share is!’ Yes, I do my friend. But make them laugh and they will listen. Bore them and they will sleep

There are many more things I have done to set myself apart as a memory speaker and in 10 years I may share them. But why give all my secrets away in the middle of my speaking career! haha! Actually there is one thing I did that was priceless and I see soooooo many memory speakers making the mistake I luckily saw myself making 12 years ago and stopped. I’ll share one day…when I retire :)

Whatever it is that you teach or do:

  1. Set out to be the best. Even if you don’t get there you will certainly step up your game
  2. Find ways to get yourself publicity but also remember that publicity sometimes can stroke the ego more than the bank account. Focus on growing the bank account
  3. If it’s not true. DONT SAY IT
  4. Have FUN!!

I wanted to be the best memory speaker and frankly I think I am. I don’t even think it’s close. This does not mean I think I am the best memory expert or can memorize the fastest or most. Not at all. But the best memory speaker? Yeah. I think I nailed that