Memory Coaching: Memory Coach Teaches Students How to Memorize

Memory Coaching

Ron White is a 2 time USA Memory Champion and a memory coach

I recently taught a memory training seminar in Bangkok Thailand.

It was a 3 day event and after the seminar the guy who had organized the event said, ‘Ron White is World’s Best Memory Coach!’

Memory coach isn’t a term I have used often to refer to myself. But then all 25 people in the room said in unison, ‘Ron White is World’s Best Memory Coach!’ What I do is of course memory coaching.

I’m not going to lie it made me feel good. After 25 years of pouring my heart and soul into this memory coaching business it felt good.

But do you what to know what felt better?

Seeing my students get the results. Check out this video

It was an honor to be their memory coach.

I taught them lots of things. The method that I taught them in this memory coaching workshop is known as the memory palace or the mind palace. It is a 2500 year old memory training technique used to memorize just about anything.

In the video above you see my students using the Mind Palace to learn how to count to 10 in Spanish. Although it is common in Texas to hear people counting to 10 in Spanish please remember that these guys are in Thailand!!

Check out this explanation of the Mind Palace and then you will see what I was talking about in the memory coaching video above where I say the students memorized

Another thing that I teach as a memory coach is how to remember names and faces.

I have written a book on how to remember names and faces that you can get for .99 cents on Kindle if you want to check it out

As part of their memory coaching I also taught them to:

  • Give speeches without notes.
  • Memorize chapters of books.
  • Memorize numbers.
  • Remember what they read.
  • Memorize poems or quotes.

So while I often refer to myself more as a memory expert or 2 Time USA Memory Champ I am not going to lie hearing my Bangkok students refer to me as the World’s Best Memory Coach was a great feeling.

What is the difference between memory coaching and a memory expert?

I think primarily that the memory coach has a smaller and closer interaction with his students whether it be 1 on 1 or a small group of 30.

And to be honest it is probably just splitting hairs and to be honest it isn’t important what I am called. It is important to me that my students get the results and that is why I like the video above so much. It is my students getting the results.

Maybe I can be your memory coach one day? Send me an email through my contact page