This is how I taught a 6 year old to memorize presidents of USA. Anyone using this method could memorize presidents (all of them in order) easily and without stress.

I don’t have any kids and one day I would love to. The closest I ever came was with the three children of a friend of mine that I was lucky enough to see these kids all the time. I loved Kailey, Chloe and Jacob very much and still do to this day.

One day Jacob wanted my Nintendo, and I promised I would give it to him if he memorized the presidents of the USA. He eagerly let me teach him and after he said them, I gave him my Nintendo. He was 11 at the time (I think). His sister Kailey was 6. After seeing her brother’s success she wanted in on the fun and I taught her as well to memorize presidents.

Keep in mind I taught her this one night after dinner. It wasn’t over a month, 3 weeks, 2 weeks, a week or even a few days. A FEW HOURS after dinner!

  1. We walked around the house and numbered 5 pieces of furniture in each room
  2. We turned each president’s name into a picture and imagined that picture on the furniture with action and emotion. For example, on piece of furniture number 1 we imagined a washing machine on that furniture. On furniture item #2 we imagined a dam (like on a river) and the water sloshing around. On furniture item #3 we imagined a chef in the sun ( cheferson or Jefferson). We did this with 44 pieces of furniture
  3. Then to recall the data she ran around the house as I filmed her and the furniture reminded her of the president’s name.

Check it out

Here are the pictures for the presidents that Kailey, Chloe and Jacob used:

  • Washington = washing machine
  • Adams = a dam
  • Jefferson = chef in the sun
  • Madison = medicine
  • Monroe = man in row boat
  • Q. Adams = cue ball and a dam
  • Jackson = jack
  • Van Buren = van burning
  • Harrison = hair
  • Tyler = tie
  • Polk = polka dots
  • Taylor = tailor
  • Fillmore = filling it more
  • Pierce = piercing
  • Buchanan = blue cannon
  • Lincoln = beard
  • Johnson = John’s son
  • Grant = gramps
  • Hays = hay
  • Garfield = Garfield cat
  • Arthur = author
  • Cleveland = clover
  • Harrison = hair
  • Cleveland = clover
  • McKinley = Big Mac
  • Roosevelt = roses
  • Taft = raft
  • Wilson = Wilson volleyball
  • Harding = hard
  • Coolidge = cooler
  • Hoover = vacuum
  • Roosevelt = roses
  • Truman = true man (telling the truth)
  • Eisenhower = eyeball
  • Kennedy = Ken doll
  • Lyndon Johnson = John’s son
  • Nixon = mixing
  • Ford = Ford truck
  • Carter = car tear
  • Reagan = ray gun
  • Bush = bushes
  • Clinton = clicking
  • Bush = bushes
  • Obama = saying, ‘Oh mama’

That’s it. That is how 3 little kids I love very much memorized the presidents of the USA. Kailey moved away 4 years ago and I haven’t seen her since. But I remember vividly the last time I talked to her. I was visiting her home at night and she was in bed. She heard my voice and came in the living room and sat on my lap.

I hugged her and said, ‘I tell everyone I meet about you.’ She looked at me and said, ‘I tell everyone I meet about you.’ I smiled big and she told me how she told her music teacher she could say the presidents. That was 4 years ago and I still tell everyone I meet about her. I remember giving her a hug and saying, ‘I love you’ and she sweetly replied, ‘I love you.’

That’s how you memorize presidents and help students learn. If you would like more information on the Mind Palace method (what is described above) and use it to memorize presidents or anything else click here

At the above link I walk you through the Memory Mind Palace method the we used to memorize presidents

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